safety rules


Taking part in the Challenge de Lure means you need to be fit due to the relative difficulty of the ascent on a bicycle of this mountain.


Each entrant must do the challenge according to his current potential and in no case exceed his physical limits due to the difficulty

The signs to check are:
Personal judgement of the effort made,
Muscle, joint and physiological sensations.

NB: If you are having difficulty controlling one or everal of these signs, it is best to reduce effort and/or take breaks.

Lastly, before completing the challenge, the cyclist must be able to return to a state of lucidity.


To rise in the best possible way to the challenge, it is indispensable for the cyclist to be suitably equipped with a bike in good condition.

The cyclist will wear:
- An approved helmet (EC standards),
- a tight-fitting cycling jersey and shorts,
- gloves
- Cycling shoes adapted to the pedals or non-slip sports shoes.

The bike will be checked like this:
The tyres are sufficiently inflated (see recommended pressures on tyre wall), and will be free of foreign bodies, hernias or cracking
- The wheels and the saddle tube are well-tightened,
- The chain is well-oiled (not rusty or dry),
- the brakes respond correctly and do not slow down the wheel by warping
- The cyclist will have been careful to check that his/her position is adapted for producing minimum effort (sitting in the saddle with the pedal at lowest point, your leg must be stretched when the heel is on the pedal.

NB: Normally, it is easier to climb with a road cycle, as a Hybrid bike, because of its average weight and its large tyres with rough treads, offers more resistance.


It is important to choose your weather conditions for the doing the Challenge, in order to produce optimal effort and avoid the adverse effects of intense heat.

In very cold weather , your body will find it more difficult to produce an effort due to reduced muscular and joint efficiency

In very hot weather, your body will find it difficult to cool down (even if you drink regularly) and "heat stroke" can cause more or less dangerous dizzy spells.

Since the ascent faces North, it is important to take wind strength and direction into consideration as this may help (southerly wind) or hinder (northerly wind) the cyclist according to wind speed (consult Météo France for « Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues »)

Technical recommendations

To carry out your challenge in acceptable conditions, please take note of the following advice and apply it:
- Your last meal should be at least two or three hours before the effort,
- you should not have used alcohol or drugs,
You should not have health problems which are incompatible with heavy physiological stress,
- take substantial solid food (cereal bars, sweet products...) and liquid (2 bottles of water and/or istonic drinks)
- Drink regularly before feeling thirsty and eat sweet foods in repeated small amounts,
- Wear clothing suited to the effort (avoid too hot or bulky clothes),
- Check the safety aspects of your bike (tightening, braking) and the efficiency aspects (tyre pressure, oiling of the chain),
- Take a repair kit (inner tube pump, tyre-iron),
- Do a warm-up on your bike on flat ground to prepare your muscles for a mountain effort (minimum 15', and the faster you want to ride, the longer the warm-up should be, up to approx. 30' to 40').
- Adapt your effort according to the difficulty (slope, wind, feelings) using the bike's gears
- Ride in pleasant weather conditions (early morning, late afternoon), avoid hours of intense heat (12 to 4 pm) for physiological reasons.


Each responsible entrant must:
-Warn a relative or firend of his/her strting time and estimated time of return,
- Take a means of communication checked for operation( battery, network)
-Have on him/her an identity sheet in case of need with his blood group.

Enjoy the ride

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More than 250kms of marked paths for Road or VTT await you on the Territory of Forcalquier Mountain of Lure.
Maps are available for sale at the tourist office of Forcalquier and Saint Etienne les Orgues.