rank. username Medal time
41 Gold medal 1h05'26"
42 Bronze medal 1h05'47"
43 Silver medal 1h05'56"
44 Silver medal 1h06'19"
45 Silver medal 1h07'02"
46 Bronze medal 1h07'05"
47 Gold medal 1h07'11"
48 Silver medal 1h07'27"
49 Gold medal 1h07'38"
50 Gold medal 1h07'44"
51 Gold medal 1h08'12"
52 Gold medal 1h08'27"
53 Gold medal 1h08'30"
54 Gold medal 1h09'12"
55 Gold medal 1h09'13"
56 Gold medal 1h09'16"
57 Silver medal 1h09'18"
58 Gold medal 1h09'20"
59 Silver medal 1h09'38"
60 Silver medal 1h09'45"

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More than 250kms of marked paths for Road or VTT await you on the Territory of Forcalquier Mountain of Lure.
Maps are available for sale at the tourist office of Forcalquier and Saint Etienne les Orgues.